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AI Engine: Chatbots, Generators, Assistants, GPT 4 and more!

While AI Engine v2.3.7 doesn’t deliver any blocks of its own it does do the following.

It enhances the paragraph block with the AI Wand with several actions:

  • Correct Text
  • Enhance Text
  • Longer Text
  • Shorter Text
  • Translate Text
  • Suggest Synonyms
  • Generate Image

and offers an AI Copilot when you press the space bar in an empty paragraph block.

Generate some CSS to style an image with a red border.

To style an image with a red border using CSS, you can use the following code:

img {   border: 2px solid red; }

This CSS code targets all “ elements on the page and applies a red border of 2 pixels width. You can adjust the `border` property values as per your requirements.

It provides a couple of actions in the settings panel.

  • Titles
  • Excerpts

These actions are also available from All posts.

Admin menu items

Dashboard toolbar > AI Engine displays the multi-tabbed Settings where you configure: Dashboard, Chatbots, Finetunes, Transcription, Settings and License .

This page also provides links to Generate Content, Generate Images and Playground; also implemented under the Tools menu.

Content generation

See Savoring Souperlatives: Exquisite Delights at the Soup Banquet!

Image generation

Soup Banquet

Don’t forget to save the images that you want to keep. DALL·E sets a time limit of 2 hours from generation.


I used the Playground to generate the SEO keywords and excerpt.

I should have asked for the SEO Focus Keyphrase and Meta Description.


To leverage the functionalities of AI Engine, it needs to be connected directly to AI services. We recommend starting with OpenAI. Create an account and generate an API Key by visiting the OpenAI website. Once obtained, navigate to the Settings tab and input your OpenAI API Key in the “Environments for AI” section.

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AI Engine
AI for WordPress. Chatbot, Content/Image Generator, CoPilot, Finetuning, Internal API, GPT, Gemini, etc! Sleek UI and ultra-customizable.
June 8, 2024


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Discover how AI Engine can revolutionize your content creation process with chatbots, generators, assistants, GPT 4, and more! Enhance, correct, translate, and generate images effortlessly. Explore the wide range of features and settings available for an enhanced content generation experience. #AIEngine

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