About WordPress and AI
About WordPress and AI
About. Generate an abstract image for the About page, for the website entitled “WordPress and Artificial Intelligence” subtitled “What can I use AI for today” and “How much is it going to cost?” Use different versions of spark icons. Composition: Shallow depth of field. Color: Grayscale. Special effects: Emboss
Revised prompt: Generate a grayscale, abstract image for an About page. This image should be in shallow depth of field and have an embossed effect. On the page, the title is ‘WordPress and Artificial Intelligence.’ Two subtitles are included, ‘What can I use AI for today?’ and ‘How much is it going to cost?’ Please use several unique interpretations of spark icons to accentuate the theme and design of the page. Generated by DALL-E-3 using oik-ai
1024 x 1024

This site is being used to prepare for the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup to be held on 17th/24th or 31st January 2024 entitled “WordPress and Artificial Intelligence”, subtitled: “What can I use AI for today? How much is it going to cost?”

What can I use AI for today?

There are over 100 plugins on wordpress.org that have the keyword AI. We want to look at several of them to see what they can do.

  • Generate images
  • Generate content
  • Generate excerpts
  • Create custom CSS
  • Create Custom Code
  • Generate SEO meta information
  • Automatic Content & Image Tagging
  • A/B testing
  • Implement ChatBots
  • Recommend content
  • Automatic image descriptions
  • Smart focal point cropping
  • Automatic image text recognition
  • Block AI bots
  • Enhance Search
  • etcetera

For a list of the plugins being considered see Which AI plugins to investigate?

How much is it going to cost?

Some plugins are completely free to use. ( Really? )
Others require you to pay a subscription in some way or another.

Either to the AI provider such as OpenAI, or to the 3rd party provider that interacts with the AI provider.

This website’s contents

This website will be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with the same title. The presentation will also be available from wp-pompey.org.uk

Text content

Some of the content of this website was created using AI tools. This content is clearly marked. We style the prompt used to generate the response, and the responses from the AI tool differently from the manually generated content.

This is an example of an AI prompt.

This is an example of an AI response.

When you’re viewing a post or information about a plugin you’ll also see other content styled as an AI response. Each Excerpt was generated using my AI tool. I copied and pasted the result AS-IS. Similarly for the SEO Info: Meta Description and Focus Keyphrase.

Note: Some posts don’t display anything for SEO info. This is a bug that I haven’t yet tracked down. I paste the stuff in, press Update and then it’s gone.

Featured images

Except for plugin banners and screenshots most of the images were generated by an AI image generator. And most of them were generated using DALL-E 3. When you hover over a featured image you’ll see some relevant information, if it’s available.

The Image title

Caption: The prompt used to generate the image.

Description: the description may include the revised prompt returned from DALL-E 3. This is only available for the more recent images generated using my AI tool.

The AI tool used to generate the image

The image dimensions eg 1024 x 1024

Note: The CSS needs improving for smaller devices or smaller images.