AI Engine: Image ChatBot

Bobbing Wide
AI Engine Image Chatbot bobbing wide
1024 x 1024

I configured AI Engine’s ChatBot using Settings > Chatbots with a chatbot called WP-Pompey that operates in Images mode. This talks to DALL-E 3 to produce images of 1024×1024 pixels.

The ChatBot appears as a popup from an icon in the bottom right. I set this as the Site-Wide chatbot. Alternatively I could have used the shortcode

[mwai_chatbot id="chatbot-tcaxjr"]

My prompt was simply

bobbing wide

This screen capture was taken after the image was generated.


Learn how to configure AI Engine’s ChatBot to generate high-quality images using DALL-E 3. Find out how to set up the ChatBot as a site-wide popup icon.

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