Spark icons

Spark icons
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Most commonly used icon for AI

The ✨ spark icon has become a popular choice to represent AI in many well-known products such as Google Photos, Notion AI, Coda AI, and most recently, Miro AI 1. It is widely recognized as a symbol of innovation, creativity, and inspiration in the tech industry, particularly in the field of AI. Although it is not an official icon for AI, the spark perfectly captures the essence of the innovative and transformative nature of AI. While other icons like robots, gears, and neural networks are commonly used, the spark stands out for its ability to convey a sense of wonder and possibility associated with AI. When selecting imagery and icons for a project that involves AI, it is crucial to choose visuals that are not only relevant but also easily recognizable and universally understood. This ensures that your message is clear to all users, including those with visual impairments 1.

How many artificial intelligence icons are there?

There are 30,575 artificial intelligence icons available on Flaticon ¹. You can also find 23,980 AI icons on Iconfinder ² and 35,110 AI vector icons on IconScout ³. These icons come in various formats such as SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS, and ICON FONT ¹³. You can use these icons to represent AI in your projects or presentations. It’s important to choose icons that are easily recognizable and relevant to your message ¹..

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