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Go beyond content with Altis Accelerate, the best way to personalize content in WordPress.

Altis Accelerate delivers 5 blocks.

The AI Generation block was the most interesting AI block that I used. It’s Gutenberg aware, so can be used to generate content as blocks. In my early tests I was impressed by the Magicify toolbar icon. See

Unfortunately, the plugin hasn’t been maintained recently and there are problems with it. It produces fatal errors in the block editor which makes it unusable.

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Altis Accelerate
Supercharge your WordPress blocks. Accelerate increases your sites engagement by extending WordPress blocks with marketing and AI capabilities.
June 17, 2024


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Discover Altis Accelerate, the ultimate solution for personalizing WordPress content with powerful blocks. Elevate your website experience.

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Altis Accelerate – blocklist problem 

With Altis Accelerate active I get problems with my blocklist block

Altis Accelerate – another play 

In this post I was trying to understand how Magicify worked.

Altis Accelerate: AI Generation block 

In this post I used the AI Generation block’s Magicify toolbar icon to alter the data in my chart block.