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AI Power is a complete AI package for WordPress. It utilizes GPT-3.5, GPT-4, DaVinci and more to generate content, images, and forms with customizable options. It includes AI training, Chat widget, WooCommerce integration, Embeddings and more.

AI Power extends the paragraph block with an extendable AI Power tool icon. See AI Power > Settings > AI Assistant.

  • Write a paragraph about this.
  • Summarize
  • Expand
  • etc

You need to select the text to be input to the prompt

“Write a paragraph about this: [text]”

which is submitted to the AI engine


Write a paragraph about this

How to use AI to write a paragraph.

AI can be a powerful tool for generating written content. To use AI to write a paragraph, you can begin by selecting a suitable AI writing platform or tool. These platforms use advanced algorithms and natural language processing to generate high-quality text. Once you have chosen a platform, you can input a topic or prompt for the AI to work with. The AI will analyze the input and generate a paragraph that is coherent and relevant to the given topic. It is important to review and edit the AI-generated paragraph to ensure accuracy and refine the content to meet your specific requirements. AI can save time and effort in generating written content, but human oversight and creativity are still necessary to produce a final, polished paragraph.

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  • Please note that your conversations will be recorded.

  • AI Power: Hello human, I am a GPT powered AI chat bot. Ask me anything!

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AI Power: Complete AI Pack – Powered by GPT-4
ChatGPT, Content Writer, Auto Content Writer, ChatBot, Product Writer, Image Generator, AutoGPT, ChatPDF, AI Training, Embeddings and more.
June 13, 2024


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AI Power is an AI package for WordPress that uses several AI system types to generate content, images, and forms. It includes AI training, a chat widget, WooCommerce integration and more. AI Power can expand on selected text, write paragraphs, summarize text, and more when users input a prompt.

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AI Power: Chatbot with Embedding This chatbot, provided by AI Power, uses Embeddings created for site content. It’s implemented with the `wpaicg_chatgpt` shortcode, prefers Embeddings to Excerpts, and requires Pinecone integration.
AI Power – Transcription: Audio to Text AI Power offers a transcription function that converts audio to text. The function can be accessed from the dashboard and used to convert a recording into written form.
AI Power: PromptBase – Google Keyword Research Generator The text discusses an example of a prompt provided by AI Power: Google Keyword Research Generator.
Movie to Emoji Using an AI tool, an emoji translation for the movie Forrest Gump was generated as 🌲🏃‍♂️🍬🌲🏃🏻‍♂️. However, using AI Power’s image generator to create a featured image from the same description resulted in an error. After rephrasing the prompt, an image was successfully obtained to represent the movie in emoji form.
AI Power: AI Forms – Movie to Emoji This excerpt involves displaying a form where a user can enter a film’s name for it to be converted into emojis, serving as a clue in an emoji film quiz. Depending on user capabilities, the form’s output may be saved as a draft post. The author shares an example with “Forrest Gump”.
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