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Herb Miller: The Man Behind Bobbing Wide and a WordPress Whisperer

Herb Miller, known in the WordPress world as Bobbing Wide, isn’t just a username – it’s a reflection of his approach to technology. Agile, adaptable, and always ready to help a digital boat find its sea legs, Herb has been a fixture in the WordPress community for over a decade.

His journey began with building websites for small businesses, navigating the dual shores of Drupal and WordPress. In 2011, a wave of inspiration crested, pushing him towards plugin development. Thus, oik plugins was born, giving birth to over 150 “lazy smart shortcodes” and the WordPress Dynamic API Reference – tools that continue to empower countless site builders.

While his plugins and themes are open-source (GPL), his dedication is anything but. Bobbing Wide isn’t just a brand, it’s a philosophy. Herb’s mission: to craft custom WordPress solutions that fit clients like gloves, not straitjackets. From bespoke websites to strategic plugins, he thrives on tailoring technology to suit specific needs.

His clients, mostly small businesses in his Hampshire haven, know him more than just a developer. They see him as a trusted advisor, a digital sherpa guiding them through the sometimes treacherous terrain of the web. His blog, aptly named “Bobbing Wide,” acts as a beacon, illuminating insights on WordPress, hosting tips, and even the occasional “useless fact revisited.”

But Herb’s impact extends beyond his own shores. He’s an active member of the WordPress community, a regular at WordUp events, and a contributor to the WordPress.org user forum. His voice, known for its clarity and good humor, has helped countless users navigate the complexities of the platform.

So, the next time you see the name Bobbing Wide, remember, it’s more than just a username. It’s a symbol of Herb Miller’s dedication, his passion for WordPress, and his unwavering belief in the power of technology to make a difference – one website, one plugin, one helpful answer at a time.

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Bobbingwide, a prominent WordPress user, is the online pseudonym of an avid enthusiast deeply immersed in the WordPress community. With a passion for web development, coding, and all things WordPress, Bobbingwide has left an indelible mark on the platform.

Their journey began as a curious explorer navigating the digital realm, experimenting with WordPress themes and plugins. Over time, Bobbingwide evolved into a seasoned developer, contributing extensively to the WordPress ecosystem. Their dedication to creating robust plugins and themes has garnered widespread recognition and admiration within the community.

Known for a collaborative spirit, Bobbingwide actively engages in forums, discussions, and WordPress events, sharing expertise and insights generously. Their commitment to open-source principles has led to the creation of valuable resources that empower users and developers alike.

Bobbingwide’s contributions extend beyond code; they advocate for accessibility, usability, and inclusivity, striving to make WordPress a platform that serves everyone effectively.

Outside the digital sphere, Bobbingwide’s love for nature and photography often finds its way into their WordPress projects, infusing creativity and a unique perspective into their work.

With an ever-growing portfolio of innovative solutions and an unwavering dedication to the WordPress community, Bobbingwide continues to be a guiding light, inspiring newcomers and veterans alike in the dynamic world of WordPress development.

DeepAI’s thoughts

Bobbingwide is an avid WordPress user known for their expertise in web development and design. With a passion for creating engaging and visually appealing websites, Bobbingwide has been an active member of the WordPress community for several years. Their knowledge and experience in building websites with WordPress have made them a trusted resource for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Bobbingwide’s journey with WordPress began when they discovered the platform’s power and versatility to create websites that cater to various needs. Their dedication to constantly learning and staying updated with the latest WordPress developments has helped them develop a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities.

Through their WordPress blog, Bobbingwide shares tutorials, tips, and insights on how to make the most out of the platform. They have also contributed to the WordPress community by developing and maintaining various plugins and themes that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of WordPress websites.

Bobbingwide’s commitment to the WordPress community goes beyond their online presence. They actively participate in WordPress meetups, conferences, and forums, where they contribute to discussions and help other users troubleshoot their WordPress-related issues. Their willingness to share their knowledge and provide guidance has made them a respected and valued member of the WordPress community.

Outside of their WordPress endeavors, Bobbingwide enjoys exploring new technologies and finding innovative ways to integrate them into their web design projects. With a keen eye for detail and a strong focus on user experience, Bobbingwide consistently delivers high-quality websites that not only meet the clients’ requirements but also surpass their expectations.

Bobbingwide’s passion for WordPress and dedication to their craft make them an influential figure in the WordPress community. Their expertise, generosity, and enthusiasm have helped countless individuals and businesses create stunning and functional websites with WordPress.

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Bobbingwide is the username of Herb Miller, a WordPress plugin specialist and the creator of oik plugins – the home of lazy smart shortcodes and the WordPress Dynamic API Reference¹. He is a web designer, web developer, web builder, and boss¹. He has been a member of WordPress since December 21st, 2010¹. Herb is based in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, UK¹ and runs a web design and web development company called Bobbing Wide². The company builds WordPress websites for small businesses². Herb’s interests include caravan (prog rock band), golf, unicycling, and real ale¹. He has contributed to WordPress in various ways, such as being a core contributor, documentation contributor, meetup organizer, photo contributor, plugin developer, test contributor, test team member, translation contributor, and WordCamp speaker¹. He has also committed to various plugins and created tickets on Core Trac¹. You can find some of his plugins on the WordPress repository, but there are many more on oik-plugins.com and/or github/bobbingwide¹.

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