AI Power: Chatbot with Embedding

Chatbot with embedding
Chatbot with embedding
Chatbot with embedding
Revised prompt: An abstract concept of a chatbot with embedding mechanism. The chatbot is visualized as a smart robot sitting in a modern office, deeply engrossed in analyzing a colorful 3D object, a representation of data embeddings. The robot is interacting with several screens, holograms displaying pieces of binary code, matrices, and vector spaces. The office is well lit with multiple monitors and futuristic decor. The scene as a whole depicts the sophisticated process of data processing and machine learning. Generated by: oik-ai using DALL-E-3
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This chatbot, provided by AI Power, is instructed to use the Embeddings created for the posts, pages and products in this site.

  • Please note that your conversations will be recorded.

  • AI Power: Hello human, I am a GPT powered AI chat bot. Ask me anything!

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  • This chatbot is implemented with the wpaicg_chatgpt shortcode.
  • It uses Embeddings in preference to Excerpts.
  • Embeddings require integration with Pinecone.
  • Embeddings were created manually using Instant embedding, rather than using Index Builder, which requires a CRON routine.
  • Most posts, pages and products have been embedded.
  • Some were skipped or even failed.
  • We’re using the text-embedding-3-small model.
  • The Chatbot doesn’t know about the plugins. You need the Pro version of the plugin for that.
  • Visitors to the site are limited to so many tokens per day.
  • Logged in users are not limited.

If the AI Power plugin is deactivated then the shortcode will not work.


This chatbot, provided by AI Power, uses Embeddings created for site content. It’s implemented with the `wpaicg_chatgpt` shortcode, prefers Embeddings to Excerpts, and requires Pinecone integration.

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