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Ai Auto Tool Content Writing Assistant (Bard Writer, ChatGPT ) All in One.

AI Content Writing Assistant with Bard AI google , GPT 3.5, Content Writer, ChatGPT, Image search, auto send backlink to microsite other, create Web Stories auto – All in One generates

This plugin seems to attempt to do a lot of things. Unfortunately, the main website is written in Vietnamese.

The two options that seem to involve AI are:

  1. Schedule AI Post
  2. AI Single Post

Schedule AI Post

I didn’t try this.

Well, at least I thought I didn’t. But I now have a couple of posts that I don’t remember writing.

It looks to me as though the plugin just started doing things. Here are two of the posts that it generated.

AI Autotool Single Post

I used AI Autotool Single Post and the Chatgpt write button to create a post entitled 7 reasons for using AI plugins in WordPress.

I also tried using Bard write for the same title but that failed with

Start socket Error, Please “F5″ to reload.

I used a similar prompt for my own hand crafted tool. I created this post with the content that was already written as Gutenberg blocks. 7 reasons for using AI plugins in WordPress by ai.php

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Ai Auto Tool Content Writing Assistant (Gemini Writer, ChatGPT ) All in One
AI Content Writing Assistant with Google Gemini AI , Chat GPT 3.5, You Don't need an API KEY, It's free and easy to use.
July 20, 2024





Explore the AI Auto Tool Content Writing Assistant for WordPress – a multi-tool plugin featuring Bard AI, GPT 3.5, Content Writer, ChatGPT and more. However, it may contain unexpected results due to its languages restrictions. Understand its features and issues before considering for your site.

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