Artisteer responsive images and Jetpack photon incompatible

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Artisteer Responsive Images and Jetpack Photon: Understanding the Incompatibility

Artisteer, a popular website creation software, boasts features like responsive image generation. However, when used alongside Jetpack Photon, a WordPress plugin for image optimization, this functionality can become incompatible, leading to potential display issues on your website.

Here’s a breakdown of the incompatibility and some alternative solutions:

1. The Conflict:

  • Artisteer generates responsive images using its own markup and techniques. These images might include multiple versions with different resolutions for optimal display on various screen sizes.
  • Jetpack Photon, on the other hand, intercepts all images uploaded to your WordPress site and resizes them on the fly using its own CDN (Content Delivery Network). This can override the responsive markup generated by Artisteer, causing images to appear incorrectly on different devices.

2. Consequences of Incompatibility:

  • Images might not scale properly on different screen sizes, resulting in blurry or pixelated visuals.
  • Inconsistent image display across devices can negatively impact user experience and website aesthetics.
  • Potential SEO implications, as search engines consider responsive design a ranking factor.

3. Alternative Solutions:

  • Disable Photon for Artisteer-generated images: You can exclude specific folders or directories containing Artisteer images from Photon’s optimization process. This ensures Artisteer’s responsive markup remains intact for those images.
  • Use a different responsive image plugin: Explore alternative plugins like WP Smush or ShortPixel that work seamlessly with Artisteer and provide responsive image functionality without conflicting with Photon.
  • Manually adjust Artisteer images: If neither option works, consider manually resizing and delivering different image versions for various screen sizes within Artisteer itself. This is a more time-consuming approach but might be necessary for specific use cases.

4. Additional Tips:

  • Always test your website on different devices and screen sizes to ensure proper image display after implementing any solution.
  • Consider contacting Artisteer or Jetpack support for further assistance or compatibility updates.
  • Regularly update both Artisteer and Jetpack to benefit from bug fixes and potential compatibility improvements.

By understanding the incompatibility between Artisteer responsive images and Jetpack Photon, you can choose the appropriate solution to maintain optimal image display and user experience on your website. Remember to test and adjust as needed to ensure your website looks its best across all devices.

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Once again, the images that were chosen appear to have bugger all to do with the problem. But lets see

  1. This image is exactly the same as the one displayed on On that page a couple of the keywords are Artisteer and Responsive Web Design
  2. The second image shows a boy wearing a Jetpack.
  3. The third image is written in Japanese. I used Image to text converter to extract the text from the image, then used my hand cranked AI tool to translate it into British English.

Identify the source language and translate into British English.

Jetpack は画像の表示速度を向上 最適化し

The source language is Japanese.
Translation to British English:
Image performance
Jetpack optimises and improves the display speed of images.


This summary discusses the incompatibility of Artisteer, a website creation software, and Jetpack Photon, a Wordpress plugin for image optimization. Exploring the underlying conflict, consequences of incompatibility, and potential solutions, the article provides a comprehensive understanding of the issue and what users can do to maximize image performance across all devices on their website.

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