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Magical AI Image Generation like DALL·E

Imajinn AI v1.5.4 delivers 1 blocks.

Generate the perfect images for your blog in seconds with cutting-edge AI. The Imajinn Block brings AI image generation previously only seen on restricted platforms like DALL·E 2 right into the backend of your website so you can create stunning images for any topic with just your imagination.

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Generate the perfect images from a text prompt in seconds with cutting-edge AI. Creates stunning images for any topic with just your imagination.

Usage notes provided by the plugin

Welcome to Imajinn! Here are some quick tips to get you started so you can create the best images possible.


  1. Write a detailed and descriptive prompt in English.
  2. Use Prompt Genie or our style dropdowns for the best results.
  3. Only use 3:2 or 2:3 ratios to generate images with smaller or multiple details, not a single object.
  4. Think like the AI not a human: What text would you find online associated with the image you want to create?

Do Not:

  1. Try to generate photo-realistic human fingers, arms, or legs, they will often look deformed.
  2. Expect to be able to create legible words, text, or logos. Text longer than a simple word will usually be gibberish.
  3. Write your prompts in a language other than English. Sorry, the model was trained on primarily English image descriptions (automatic translation coming soon).

Here’s one of the 4 images I got in response to

design a bottle label for Herb’s home made sloe gin including the phrase “slo barb gin”. Don’t show the bottle, just the label.

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Imajinn – Magical AI Image Generation like DALL·E
Generate the perfect royalty-free images for your blog in seconds with cutting-edge AI for a fraction of the cost of stock photo sites.
October 25, 2023





Imajinn AI is an advanced WordPress plugin with AI image generation capabilities. It enables users to create high-quality images for blog posts by entering a descriptive prompt in English, producing visuals similar to those on platforms like DALL·E 2. It also provides helpful usage notes and guidelines to optimise the image generation process.

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Imajinn AI – generate images Using Imajinn AI, I replicated a 1965 photograph taken by my dad. The image portrays a seven-year-old boy on a beach with his older sisters, all smiling at the camera. Feedback on the generated images can be found on St Brides.