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Unlock your business potential with Elementor AI.

Elementor and Elemetor Pro now offer AI in the form of Elementor AI.

  • Create and Edit Images: Describe any image you want to create in a plain text prompt, and let Elementor AI do its magic. Generate variations, resize images, expand dimensions, apply generative fill effects, and remove or replace backgrounds with precision.
  • Enhance Content: Create unique textual content for your website or improve existing copy quickly and professionally.
  • Translate Content: Translate your website’s content into any language to engage with a broader audience.
  • Use Custom CSS (Elementor Pro): Elevate your website’s design by applying custom CSS to any Elementor element.
  • Embed HTML: Add HTML anywhere on your website to embed resources like sliders or Spotify playlists.
  • Generate Custom Code Snippets (Elementor Pro): Generate code snippets such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to measure your website’s impact.

Create and Edit Images

Enhance Content

Why use Elementor AI?

Elementor AI is natively integrated in Elementor. For starters, Elementor AI is available directly in the Editor, which is incredibly convenient as you don’t need to switch between tools and tabs. Additionally, Elementor programmed the AI product to provide contextual suggestions based on the widget you’re using it with, which will bring you closer to your desired outcome – this is true for text, code, and image generation. On top of that, when using Elementor’s Code Assistant, it is inherently programmed to generate code that includes the specific selector you would want to apply it to, which is not possible using external tools.

from Elementor’s FAQs

Creating the correct prompt to generate a usable image for your website is not a simple task. Elementor AI has already pre-engineered the majority of settings you would need to consider in your prompt to generate a usable image for your website, which makes it much easier for you to get the image you imagined.

from Elementor’s FAQs


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Unlock your business potential with Elementor AI. Creating and Editing Images, Enhancing Content, Translating Content, and even generating Custom Code Snippets is incredibly convenient with Elementor AI’s native integration in the Editor, offering contextual suggestions based on the widget you’re using.

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Elementor AI – Custom CSS The author used Elementor AI to write CSS for creating a hover effect on an image, making it fade to grey when hovered over. The AI tool suggested similar CSS, using the “transition” property and a “filter: grayscale(100%)” to achieve the desired effect.
Elementor AI – Generate image The user experimented with Elementor AI to generate images from the prompt “a beautiful dessert in a beautiful desert”. The AI generated vivid descriptions of tranquil desert landscapes with elaborate dessert displays that the user then converted into images. A teacup-shaped picture was selected as the featured image.