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Divi screenshot
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Divi AI

Divi AI is a powerful AI tool that understands Divi. It can create content, write code, generate images and improve your website on demand.

 Since it’s integrated directly into Divi, it has unique insight into each Divi element.

Divi’s a theme rather than a plugin. It’s a premium theme from Elegant Themes. Divi AI is built into the Divi Theme and Builder so that you can use it for free for 100 uses.

I used Divi AI briefly in a staging environment for on one of my customer’s websites.

I used it to generate a testimonial (content), generate images, upscale a photo that was taken a long time ago, and generate some custom CSS.

Visit the Elegant Themes’ Divi AI page for the marketing blurb.

Generate testimonial

Obviously, we didn’t use this testimonial; it’s downright dishonest.

Generate image

Upscale photo

The first photo is the original.

The second photo is the upscaled one. Notice

  • The AI has concentrated on my features
  • It’s rather duffed up the sunflowers; the big one looks more like a carpet.


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Divi AI is an AI tool integrated into Divi, a premium theme from Elegant Themes, that assists in content creation, code writing, image generation, and website improvement. It can upscale images, generate testimonials & custom CSS, and offers 100 free uses.

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