• Which AI plugins to investigate?

    Given that there are over 150 AI plugins available from I had to decide which of them I’d look at. The first set would be the top 10 by…

  • GetGenie AI

    Ai Content Writer with Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.

  • AI Power

    AI Power is a complete AI package for WordPress. It utilizes GPT-3.5, GPT-4, DaVinci and more to generate content, images, and forms with customizable options. It includes AI training, Chat…

  • AI Engine

    Introducing AI Engine, the latest innovation in delivering powerful blocks. Experience the future of AI technology. #AI #innovation

  • Altis Accelerate

    Discover Altis Accelerate, the ultimate solution for personalizing WordPress content with powerful blocks. Elevate your website experience.

  • The wp-secrets poem has been moved

    If you’re looking for WP Secrets on WordPress – WordPress Sucks because…, my Top 10 WordPress misconceptions poem then you’ll do better to go here

  • Altis Accelerate – another play

    Understanding Magicify? Understanding Magicify? You are an assistant that writes WordPress gutenberg code and says nothing else. You only reply in Gutenberg HTML format including HTML comments for WordPress blocks.…

  • A(nother) brief summary of WordPress AI plugins

    WordPress AI plugins are a great way to automate tasks and improve website performance. Learn about the different types of AI plugins available and how they can help you optimize…

  • Rank Math SEO